Sunday links, 4/13/14


Tutus And Tiny Hats

selfie of woman in leather jacket with pink sunglasses and black cat looking evil Chilling with my friend Napoleon, the Dark Feline Lord of Somerville. (He may look diabolical in this picture, but he’s actually a total sweetheart!)

(I accidentally scheduled this post for Monday instead of Sunday…oops!)

A bra-shopping guide for trans women.
ASOS Curve now has wide fit shoes! Huzzah! Their selection is small, but I hope it will expand.
This fiber optic dress is awesome.

Fat Acceptance
Fattitude: A Body-Positive Documentary looks amazing. Check out their Kickstarter, donate if you can, and signal-boost!
-I love these shirts, bumper stickers, and magnets that say “My only weight problem is your problem with my weight.”
-Another awesome fat project on Kickstarter: fat yoga online classes.
-A response to a troll’s statement that “wheezing around the block” doesn’t count as exercise.
-Shannon writes about the assumptions people make about her (unintentional) weight loss, and…

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