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It’s Earth Day. I have thoughts (and a bunch of links).


Tutus And Tiny Hats

woman wearing hot pink shirt climbing out of tree roots in the woods The Laura in her natural habitat, in the Berkshires about a year ago. I just noticed that the rock in the upper left corner of the picture looks like a heart!

I’m trying to catch up on all the Earth Day-related news and essays around the internet, and there are a lot–you should see how many tabs I have open right now. To start, I’ll point you to the Nation, which has devoted all of its content today to climate change (!!). So far, I recommend these:
The change within: the obstacles we face are not just external.
“Jobs vs. the environment”: how to counter this divisive big lie.

In Keystone XL-related news, Obama has delayed his decision on the pipeline…again. On one hand, it’s kind of annoying that he keeps putting it off; but at the same time, it’s a sign of progress. As Bill McKibben

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The Never Ending Mile


Walk with me on my journey of illness to the road of happiness and a life of fulfillment

This mile, I’ve been walking for many years
I’ve fallen too many times, into all the dark holes
splat on my face, attempting to jump all the hurdles
roadblocks everywhere, never a shortage
sitting now on the curb with my crimson tears

Put on my shoes, and take this walk
it’s the only way you’ll ever possibly understand
you’ll stumble and fall around every bend
as this is the mile that never ends

If you can’t walk the walk
don’t talk all the talk
shut up, leave me alone
all you ever do is stalk and stalk

I’m sick and suffering in agonizing pain
I’m not lazy
I’m not crazy
my life through my eyes
appears rather hazy

With no end in sight
slowly losing hope
trying desperately to not lose hold of this rope
uncertain as to whether I can even win this fight

Poison by the handfuls

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Honoring Our Choices

Honoring Our Choices

Musings of an Aspie

The final post in the autistic motherhood series is posted at Autism Women’s Network: Autistic Motherhood: Honoring Our Personal Choices

It was a challenging one to write. My original thought was “I’ll write about the decision to have or not have children as an autistic woman.”  Which turns out to be an incredibly personal and complex topic. You’d think I would have seen that coming, right?

Ultimately, what I concluded, is that each woman’s choice when it comes to parenthood is the best choice for her and each person’s situation is unique. There is no “decision” in the broad conceptual sense, just many individual decisions made for countless reasons and sometimes not for any particular reason at all. I hope that comes across in the article, because I very much want it to be respectful of our choices and of the circumstances that are unique to parenting as a disabled person.

A Postscript…

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Disability and Childlessness: It’s Complicated


Blogging Astrid

I am disabled. I am childless. For a long while, I identified as childless by choice. In a way, it is a choice, because I do not experience reproductive problems that I know of. In another way, it’s not a choice, because I would’ve wanted to be a parent. I’m not “childfree”. I am disabled, and this has influenced my decision to remain childless. That doesn’t make it not a decision, but it makes the decision tougher than had I truly been childfree.

On Musings of an Aspie, there’s a post on honoring your choices as an autistic woman (or man). It is a postscript to the autistic motherhood series on the Autism Women’s Network. The post concludes that older autistic parents have a responsibility to share what they’ve learned with the younger generation of autistics. This, in my opinion, goes for autistic childless people too. As autistics, we often…

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Lady Chrome says: IT WASN’T ME


La Reina Rata

When Lady Chrome was little, we caught her trying to sneak out of her cage and she had this whole demeanor like “IT WASN’T ME!” so it became her catch phrase.

Nowadays she lies around like a big rat pancake and doesn’t try to sneak anywhere.

I saw this pillow in the window of an otherwise incredibly ugly furniture showroom. I don’t know if tweaking the colors even hides that fact. :p

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Did You Miss This? Get Off the Beaten (Domain) Path

Did You Miss This? Get Off the Beaten (Domain) Path

The Daily Post

Blogging 101 folks are thinking about their titles and tagline and 201 bloggers are focused on their brands — a perfect time to explore a side of domains you might not have thought about before! Here’s a piece from  Hot off the Press that might inspire some domain brilliance.

Lots of bloggers add a custom domain to their sites to simplify their URLs. But what happens if the one you want isn’t available, or you want an address that’s a bit . . . different?

Enter the offbeat domain. You’ve seen them around the internet; think of sites like:

  •, the social bookmarking site.
  •, the link-shortening tool.
  •, personal blog of Automattic founder and WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg. 

Of course, you might see URLs like this on other sites as well — like, my own humble photo blog. That’s because no special technical…

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