Hurt – BPD Journals


I don’t think I formally have borderline anymore, but I definitely used to, in my late teens/early twenties, and can definitely relate to this person’s description. Personality disorders in general, since personalities change throughout life, are rarely lifelong, if some of the symptoms can be…. BPD in particular is often most severe in adolescence and early twenties, during times of great stress and transition and identity-development and often tumultuous relationships, as people experiment and discover themselves and how to be in successful relationships with others. I really like this person’s perspective and I especially like their idea of sharing old journal entries from childhood and/or adolescence online. I often reblog old blog entries for the same reasons (reflection, sharing my history to help others better understand me, etc), but have never had the courage to type and post an old entry from the 90’s or early 2000’s, from my middle school and high school days when I wrote in paper journals before blogging was really a thing. I think this person is so brave to do that.  But hopefully someday I will be too! 🙂


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