Psychiatry and Practicum


I have a psychiatrist!  The psychiatrist I was looking into, who I played email tag with for a good while, ended up working out.  I think this will be very helpful, as in addition to psychiatry, she’s also qualified to give nutrition advice and suggest non-prescription supplements.  She also comes from a spiritual and holistic philosophy, which is right up my alley.  For instance, she’s asked me to bring in food and dream journals to our next meeting.

She’s told me that with dietary and lifestyle changes (made slowly over time), I might be able to eventually get off my medications, or at least reduce them.  Sounds good to me!  I know I’m overmedicated (a result of seeing so many psychiatrists over the years, since I’ve moved so much, and each of them prescribed more meds).  It’s hard to tell at this point what are symptoms of my conditions, and what are actually side-effects of my medications.  I’m not sure how I’d feel about being completely unmedicated ever, being bipolar, however reducing my meds (as much as possible with them still being effective) is definitely one of my treatment goals, and has been for awhile.  Some of this stuff is just plain bad for you if you take it long term.

In other news, I’ve been diving head-first into planning my independent study.  Though I haven’t heard back from her yet, I emailed my professor a rough draft of the syllabus and asked for her input before making it official.  I’m making a syllabus, I feel like a professor!  So weird.

I also met with people at my university’s office of community service today, to get their help in setting up a practicum.  They gave some good suggestions, and I’m having a lot of fun researching different organizations where I could potentially observe and volunteer.  I’m looking to do art with children, either in an educational or therapeutic capacity.  Thankfully there are lots of options for this in my city.  Now I just need to initiate contact.


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